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Get the best possible service with one of our Business solutions, giving you the speed you need for work, remote connections, hosting, video and more!

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Usage: uncapped 24/7 Usage: uncapped 24/7 Usage: uncapped 24/7 Usage: CIR/dedicated
Monthly Cost (USD): 250 Monthly Cost (USD): 475 Monthly Cost (USD): 730 Monthly Cost (USD): P.O.A.
Annual Cost (USD): 2,500 Annual Cost (USD): 4,750 Annual Cost (USD): 7,300 Annual Cost (USD): P.O.A.
Typical Users: 10 Typical Users: 15 Typical Users: 20+  
Total monthly cost = broadband package + last mile monthly rental

Terms and Conditions Apply

Last Mile Options


Installation (USD)

Monthly Rental (USD)

WiMAX Indoor unit* 150 35
WiMAX Outdoor Unit 250 35
DSL Subject to availability 35
Fibre Optic P.O.A. From 150
Local speeds are dependent on the last mile link (wireless up to 3 MBit and fibre up to 1GBit)

*WiMAX Indoor Units are ideally suited for home use

Additional Services

Fibre high-speed connections

MPLS network connections

Redundancy via multiple independent links

Service Level Agreements for high availability service

Virtual Private Networking

Data Centre Services

VOIP services

Cloud Computing, hosted applications and servers

Business Continuity and off-site backup services

Campus and Enterprise Networks - Fibre, copper and wi-fi

Server Management Cisco, Microsoft and Linux certified

Usage Control, reporting and analysis

Online Security, anti-virus, anti-phishing and anti-spam

Save Money - combine your business and home packages

All YoAfrica Broadband Packages Include

Uncapped data - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Peak hours optimised bandwidth

Webmail - access your email from anywhere in the world

Mailboxes - unlimited use of our mail servers

Static IP Address - set up a mail server on your LAN

Off-Peak Hours

Weekdays from 5pm - 8am

All weekend