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YoAfrica is Zimbabwe's fastest internet service provider. We strive to keep you informed of the status of our services.

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Everything is working as it should be.

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Everything is working as it should be


Everything is working as it should be


Wed 23/7/2014 - We are currently experiencing intermittent international connectivity, Internet access affected. Upstream providers are working to resolve.

Tue 29/4/2014 - Intermittent problems with ougoing mail

Fri 19/7/2013 - Emergency mail system maintenance

Tue 11/5/2013 - Scheduled maintenance on Victoria Falls Point of Presence on Tue 11 June 2013 between 2000 Hrs and 2100 Hrs.

Mon 29/4/2013 - Backhaul fault on Borrowdale Brooke WiMAX platform, technicians onsite.

Sat 27/4/2013 - There is a physical fault on the cable servicing the Harare UHF platforms.

Mon 25/3/2013 - International fibre fault, reduced capacity on backup links, Internet access affected.

Fri 22/3/2013 - 1209hrs: International browsing is slow because of multiple undersea fibre faults. Time to resolution approximately six hours. The faults are in Egypt.

Mon 18/2/2013 - Emergency maintenance work on Joina East Base Station.

Thur 18/10/2012 - PowerTel backbone was down, technicians worked on fault and rectified.

Fri 6/10/2012 - Intermittent problems with outgoing mail on hosting server.

Thurs 5/10/2012 - Our website hosting system is down for emergency maintenance. Techs are working to solve the problem.

Tue 19/6/2012 - Scheduled maintenance on UHF base stations on Tue 19 June 2012 between 1400 Hrs and 1700 Hrs.

Tue 13/3/2012 - There was a known problem on some sectors of the WiMAX platform in Harare.

Mon 23/01/2012 1500 - International fibre fault, reduced capacity on backup links, time to resolution approximately 2 hours.

Fri 06/01/2012 0800 - We are currently experiencing a technical problem on our WiMAX platform. Our Engineers are working to resolve it.

Mon 14/11/11 1530 - We have experienced a slowdown on our local hosting server. The issue has been resolved.